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JP Lizpadmore Company has been established to work progressively in the import & export business field. We offer a secure platform to facilitate the supply of quality agricultural products across domestic and foreign countries.

As an import & export business, we seek to provide real services to exporters and importers committed to the worldwide supply of commodities worldwide. We deal reasonably with farmers, wholesalers, importers, and other stakeholders to immediately establish a strong domestic presence in international trade.

Company Registration No: CS157251023

Export Registration No: GEPA20230000421

Vision: Being an import-export company, our final aspiration is to close the gap between farmers and manufacturers.

Moto: Offering the highest quality of merchandise, ensuring customer satisfaction, and cultivating customer loyalty, we guarantee assistance from experienced consultants

Products: We specialise in exporting Raw Cashew Nuts. We have a great relationship with farmers in Bono East and Bono Region.

JP Lizpadmore Company

Director Richard A Padmore (Far Right) With His Core Team Of Us

Licenses & Certifications

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JP Lizpadmore Company - Licence

Reg. No. GEPA20230000421

JP Lizpadmore Company - Licence

Reg. No. CS157251023

JP Lizpadmore Company - Licence

Ln. No. CATMGAIE24010006

JP Lizpadmore Company - Licence

Reg. No. CATMGAIE24010006

Our Features

Curable Treatement

JP Lizpadmore Company - End-to-End Services

End-to-End Services

We ensures smooth import and export of quality agricultural products.

JP Lizpadmore Company - Secure Trading

Secure Trading

A trusted platform for safe exchange of agricultural commodities.

JP Lizpadmore Company - Global Reach

Global Reach

Establishing a robust presence in domestic and international markets

JP Lizpadmore Company - Stakeholder Collaboration

Stakeholder Collaboration

Engaging farmers, wholesalers, and importers for a seamless supply chain.

JP Lizpadmore Company - Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Committed to offering the highest quality merchandise.

JP Lizpadmore Company - Expert Guidance

Expert Guidance

Assured customer satisfaction with assistance from experienced consultants.

Why Choose Us?

Mission Alignment: Committed to bridging the gap between farmers and manufacturers.
Local Sourcing Expertise: Strong ties with farmers in Bono East and Bono Region.
International Collaboration: Working closely with Indian associates for quality rice imports.
Product Specialization: Expertise in exporting premium Raw Cashew Nuts.
Customer-Centric Approach: Focus on satisfaction, loyalty, and highest merchandise quality.
Speedy Market Entry: Rapid establishment of a robust domestic presence in global trade.
Ethical Trading: Fair and reasonable dealings with farmers, wholesalers, and stakeholders.
Vision-Driven: Aspiring to close the gap between farmers and manufacturers.
Reliable Supply Chain: Ensuring a secure platform for the supply of quality agricultural products.
Experienced Team: Benefit from assistance provided by knowledgeable and seasoned consultants.
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    Richard A Padmore (Director)

    JP Lizpadmore Company Ltd

    Company Registration No. CS157251023

    Export Registration No. GEPA20230000421

    1st Avenon Link, GT372, Sukumono West Cong. Territory, Tema West, Greater Accra, Ghana

    Email: fofdomain@gmail.com

    Phone 1: +233531482084

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